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Relaxation ~ Pain Release ~ On-site Stress Relief

An investment in a healthy work force.

The incident – and cost – of stress related health problems is skyrocketing. According to Fortune magazine, stress-related illness now costs American business $150 billion annually.

Compare the cost of stress-related illness with the cost of staying well, We think you’ll agree that seated massage is one of the most reasonable and affordable health promotion programs available today.

Rush hour traffic, long hours at computer terminals, little time for breaks, cradling telephones between the ear and shoulder, sitting improperly in the chairs we occupy ….These conditions and many more add to our everyday stressors that keep our muscles tense and tight.

Relieve your stress with Chair Massage Services in Manchester, NH

A seated chair massage provides relaxation and energizes the body. The better YOU feel, the more productive you can be!!

An additional benefit is the nonverbal message to the employees that the company cares about how they feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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