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About Karen ‘KJ’


Graduated from the University of New Hampshire with honors and worked for a multinational computer software company in a variety of positions. Her experiences in the world of “high-tech.” made her acutely aware of the effects of stress in the corporate world. This awareness caused her to find ways to enhance the well-being of her colleagues, including the reduction of her own stress level.

After pursuing a course of study in massage therapy at the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy now located in Oaks, PA, she received her professional certification, and is now a member of Associated Body-work and Massage Professionals. As a result of her work in Massage Therapy and the ever growing need for stress relief, Karen made a career change working full-time as a massage therapist specializing in on-site stress relief in the corporate environment.

“Stressed out employees find office massage a balm.”
Wall Street Journal

“Massage is fast emerging as America’ favorite antidote to that current cultural grinch: Stress. It’s the ideal therapy….”
Time Magazine

“Stress can lead to absentee-ism and high turnover: One out of eight workers has called in sick because of workplace stress and one in five has quit a job because of it,”
Integra Realty Survey